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» » Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Myspace The Album
Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Myspace The Album flac-Album

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Myspace The Album flac-Album

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
Myspace The Album
25 Dec 2007
37564 Recordings
Grindcore, Experimental
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1Thanks For The Add
2The Fine Art Of Lying About Your Age: Chapter One - Don't Worry, I'm Legal, I Swear
3Beetlejuice: Hermaphrodite Gigolo
4Sex With The 48 Year Old Man Who Poses As Tila Tequila
5So, Lemme Guess, Your Mother Named You Mosh-elle?
6Isn't Announcing Your Bands Breakup On MySpace Like Breaking Up With Your Bitch Over Email
7Respect Me, I'm Not An Object, Stop Hitting On Me, Look At My Boobies!!
8Sorry, An Unexpected Error Has Occurred
9Bulletin Title: Bukakke Whores
10Does Forbidden Fuck All Those Bands, Or Do They Just Add Her Because They Think She Will?
11You're Still A Suicide Girl On The Inside (You Damn Sure Ain't One On The Outside Anymore)
12Posting The Pic Of Yourself Standing In The Street Barefoot And Pregnant On MySpace... Priceless
13Being The New Won't Save MySpace From Being The New Home Of All The World's Trash
14You Know Cory's New Pic Of The Redhead Getting Smacked Makes You All Warm And Fuzzy Inside
15That Tramp Stamp Of Yours Doesn't Make You An Alt Model
16Girls Don't Really Like K H R (15 Year Old Poser Cunts, Stop Adding Us)
17News Flash: ...Add My Friend... Please?
18I'd Make A Song Called "Please Don't Post Goddess Bunny In My Comments", But Then Everyone Would Just Go And Do It
19I Hope You Know Once You Win The Free IPod I'm Gonna Mug You And Rape You For It
20Like I'll Really Meet Chrissy Moran If I Join
21Dana Dearmond's Got The Angles
22Everyone Who Answered Yes On The Pro-Choice Survey Is Getting Kicked Off When Fox News Takes Over
23My New One Man Band, We Play Grind, Electronica And Xtian Rap
24Altmodel Is Just A Photoshop Setting
25Shoot Da Wanksta And Win A P S P
26I'll Help You Win A Free IPod If You Promise Me Head
27Bonsai Kittens Dot Com Is Fake
28Simple Plan Made Him Do It
29Aww, They're Updating The Server... Let's Play Pac Man
30Full Body Pics Or You're Fat
31Timer? What's A Timer? On A Camera? What's That?
32I Swear, I Totally Banged Zenova... She Had A Cock
34The Fine Art Of Lying About Your Age: Chapter Three - I'm Not Old I Swear
35Hey Anniethrax, I Told Scott Ian About You... He's Gonna Fucking Shoot You
36The Name "Thrashley" Actually Makes You Less Metal
37You Can Always Tell A Preppy Bitch By How Many People Besides Herself Are In Her Pictures
38A I M Me: Trmpstmp69
39Hey Lookit Me I'm Bi!
40Extreme Noise Tara... Yeah... Sure... Right...
41Dir En Grey Don't Care That You Made Them A MySpace (J-Rock Got Me Nothing But Enemies Pt.3)
42It's A Rule, You Know? All Porn Stars Must Have A MySpace (Before The Imposters Show Up)
43Don't Get More Friends Than Tom, He'll Kick You Off
44You Like K H R Yet You Don't Realize Many Of Their Songs Are Preaching Hate Towards You
45Tom Is The 48 Year Old Man Who Poses As Tila Tequila
46MySpace Is Cancer
47Fuck You And Your Anime Hair
48Hey Grrl In A Le Tigre Shirt, Don't You Know That You Listening To K H R Is Like C M, A Black Dude, Listening Skrewdriver
49Featured Band: Emo Bullshit 98473249
50This Hollaback Girl Video In My Profile Is An Expression Of My Individuality Man!
51Who'll Fuck Tom First, Krystine Or Sebastianna?
52I'm Jenna Jameson, No, I' Jenna Jameson, No! I'm Jenna Jameson!!
53Having 1000 Friends Isn't Such A Spectacular Feat When It's All Girls You Added So You Could Remember To Jack Off To Their Pictures
54Full Body Pics And Still Fat
55Don't Call It Devil's Advocate
56What's A Juggalo? A Nazi Wigger Faggot That's What
57How Long Before That Pic Of You Kissing Your Bitch Makes You Feel Stupid?
58Having 69 Tracks On Your Album Is Fucking Cheesy As Hell
59How MySpace Singlehandedly Resurrected The Dreaded Chain Letter Trend
60You Don't Really Like That Band, You Just Think Their Singer Is Hot
61Androgynous Is The Only Big Word You Know
62Bad Things Will Happen If You Don't Repost This
63Fuck Your Ringtone
64XArsenicX Didn't Add Us, We're Doomed To Fail, Let's Break Up
65You Don't Have A MySpace, MySpace Has You
66All Bi Girls Are Fucking Cheaters
67The Fine Art Of Lying About Your Age: Chapter Two - I'm 99 Years Old, I'm Mysterious
68You've Left A Lot Of Comments For This Band... It's Obvious You're Fucking Them
69Due To Their MySpace Addiction, Capcom Will Not Be Presenting


  • VocalsAdam Cooley (tracks: track 1)


Was released on Christmas day 2007 on Internet Archive.
It is considered the first official release from 37564 recordings as a net label.
available at 37564 Recordings Internet Archive:


Cybergrind legends Kindergarten Hazing Ritual's 2nd album from free to Kindergarten Hazing Ritual Myspace The Album Due To Their Myspace Addiction, Capcom Will Not Be Presenting, full body pics or you're fat and more. 69 tracks . Discover more music, concerts, Hazing Ritual: River City Ransom Boss Fight. River City Ransom Boss Fight. Power Up Mutations and Mutilations of 8 Bit Hits - The Video Game Tribute. Чтобы добавлять треки в плейлисты, нужно авторизоваться. On this follow up to 2005s Awaiting the Video Game Crash, Kindergarten Hazing Ritual set their sights on a new pop culture target, the irksome entity known as . Just about any and every cliche exhibited by the people who inhabit this social networking madhouse is tackled in 69 tracks of dork rage. Kindergarten Hazing Ritual Фото исполнителя Kindergarten Hazing Ritual. All songs by Kindergarten Hazing Ritual. Hazing Ritual. elements of the past and of the future, combining to make something not quite as good as either. Kindergarten Hazing Ritual. Rock Hazing Ritual. 10 years of elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either. HAZING RITUAL. Jan 01, 2007. Search Myspace. Start typing. DID YOU MEAN. Your search did not return any results. Please try again. Photo from. You're now in slide show mode. Hitting pauses the slideshow and goes back. Hitting pauses the slideshow and goes forward. heres' the final version of a song from the album we just finished That Awkward Moment Between Your Birth And Your Death. Seems a little quiet over here. Related tracks. View all